Pirate Math Adventure
  1. You need a box of parchment paper from Staples, OD, etc. It's those little boxes and it's with the resume paper (I should know).
  2. Cut into strips about 2” wide by 11” long (4 strips per sheet). Take a lighter and burn three of the edges gently to create the border of your bulletin board. Each one will overlap the next so remember that in figuring how many you’ll need to make the border of your board.
  3. I also downloaded some Skulls, Compasses, Treasure Maps and Jolly Roger’s and printed them straight to the parchment paper, again burning the edges to show age. You can also crumple them up into tightly wound paper wads and unfold them. The wrinkles will also age them well. I used these randomly on the board.
  4. For any writing there is a great font on windows that looks like pirate writing that I can't find the name of, but on Word for MAC it's Blackmoor. I had three title sheets that just said..
Solve the Problems
Find the Treasure
X Marks the Spot
I also had one that gave the gist of the instructions and of course the four equations to solve…The only real hint was that the order of the solutions mattered. Here's how mine worked:
  • I had an extra locker leftover from homeroom distribution. If you don't have one ask the Ass't Prinicipal who handles them. I am sure there are extras. In our school the lockers were three digit #'s, so the answer to the first problem was the locker #.
  • The next three solutions were the combination. Inside that locker was a manilla envelope that contained a map of the school copied on parchment (crumpled to look old). Every school has one in the office because they have to post them in each classroom for fire exits.
  • The map lead them to my room. The last clue was the X marks the spot. I was lucky because I had a word wall and behind the letter X I wrote the location of the treasure: the freezer in my mini-fridge. (I actually went and got the gold Sacagewa coins and gave the winner $5 and my kids had a tiny treasure chest from a Happy Meal during Pirates of the Caribbean). Just find (or manufacture) an X in your room: bulletin board, tape on a window, anything.

I had about ten kids that worked hard to figure it out and two little girls that went nuts over it. I didn't give any hints other than to read the bulletin board carefully. Have fun with it!!
I have pictures now!!!
Here's the original file with some problems and title sheets